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This is a diary of my travel in Peru.
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【2008/06/05 03:50】 | PERU | track back(1) | comments(2)
View in Cuzco
This is a view from a window at the hotel.

All houses had red roofs. We could see mountains in the background anywhere in Cuzco.

Our room had a balcony. We enjoyed the night view, too.
【2008/05/05 20:52】 | PERU | track back(1) | comments(0)
Cathedral and Plaza de Armas
In the afternoon, we went to see city sites.

This is a cathedral.
The building looked wonderful and the interior decoration were great. They were golden and shiny. I saw some the influences of Inca there. A lot of mirrors were used as decorations instead of jewel. The statues’ clothing was arranged in a shape of a mountain because mountain was one of Inca gods.

This is the center of Cuzco, Plaza de Armas. The cathedral faced it.

There were a lot of police officers all over the city all the day. So we could enjoy our trip without anxiety even after dark.
【2008/05/05 14:03】 | PERU | track back(0) | comments(0)
altitude sickness
Cuzco is a high city. A lot of tourists get altitude sickness because they come up to Cuzco by plane in a short time. Altitude sickness occurs from failure to adapt to low oxygen and low pressure.

The guide said 20-30 tourists got sick each day. So most of tourist spots and hotels have oxygen tanks. He sometimes gets altitude sickness after he comes back from low altitude places even though he grew up in Cuzco. In fact, one of our tour group got altitude sickness during the city tour. She received first-aid treatment soon and got better enough to continue the tour. She said "Suddenly I lost consciousness. I could understand what people said, but I couldn't move."

I had a headache at the first night. I tried not to move hard and went to bed early. My headache went away next morning. I always took care of myself while I was at high altitude on this trip. Drinking a lot of liquid and eating candy seem to be effective to preventing from altitude sickness.

Digestive system also runs down due to high altitude. The guide said "Don't eat too much. You should avoid alcohol if you haven't gotten used to the elevation."

We enjoyed soup easily digestible for lunch. They are Creole soup and Inca soup.

The snack packages I brought from Japan were bulging because of low pressure.

【2008/05/05 13:47】 | PERU | track back(0) | comments(0)
Flight to Cuzco
In the morning, we flew from Lima to Cuzco. It took about 1 hr.

When we were waiting for boarding, there were a lot of Japanese tourists around the gate. It was strange for me to hear conversation in Japanese because there are not many Japanese in Baton Rouge. It's amazing that so many people came all the way from Japan. It takes over 20 hours to get to Peru from Japan.

The plane was so small that we walked to board without a boarding bridge.

We crossed the Andes. The mountains were very high. I could see the ground closer than usual.

Cuzco was a main city of the Inca. The altitude is about 3400m. It used to be a lake, so it is in a basin surrounded by mountains. The view during the landing approach was awesome. The plane wheeled just above the ground. Even though the plane was inclined to the left, I could still see the mountains on the right side.
【2008/05/05 12:55】 | PERU | track back(0) | comments(0)
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